Corporate Profile


In the mid-90s, The Intec Group, Inc came to Asia to look for a suitable manufacturing location to support their customer’s overseas operations. Besides achieving that aim, The Intec Group, Inc also found a reputable partner in The Sanwa Group. Since then, the global alliance of Intec and Sanwa has grown into a truly international team of dedicated and talented people who are committed to serving our customers as their preferred supplier and offering the highest level of quality and service in the world.

The joint venture began with the inception of Intec Manufacturing Asia in Singapore in 1996, which became the Asia Regional Headquarter to our other manufacturing locations in Tianjin, China (2001); Changzhou, China (2007) and Suzhou, China (2016). To recognize the expanding profile of our business, a name change to Sanwa-Intec was made in May 2008,

The Sanwa-Intec Group of companies specializes in precision plastic injection molding, as well as straight injection molding, and component sub-assembly for the automotive, electrical and other industries. Components produced for our clients are made to exacting standards featuring turnkey engineering solutions and utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment for highly automated insert molding process.